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I hope that through the pages of my web site to pass on to it's readers some of my experiences over the past 15 - 20 years of collecting and growing Passiflora.

It will also have information on various propagation methods that I have used over the years, also those methods which I have found to be the best in my experience, also I hope with pictures to show the best and most successful way to send Passiflora plants and unrooted cuttings via the post, as there does seem a lack of this type of information around and many times I have had Passiflora arrive at my home from an avid collector only to find that they are dead, or not far from it, and when unrooted cutting material is sent through the post more often than not it has far too much water put into the sealed bag and they have started to rot, or nothing damp in the bag and they have perished.  More Details

I hope also to have a few pictures of odd deformed or freaks of nature in the Passiflora world.

I will also have a few pictures of my very good Passiflora enthusiasts and fellow PSI members so that you can put a face to a name, I hope those included do not mind me showing their pictures. More Details

I hope if anybody has anything to add they will kindly let me know so that I might include it for every one to see.