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In the following 2 pages I hope to show you with a series of pictures a method of packing Passiflora so that they arrive @ their destination in as near the same condition as they left the the person who sent them to you.

In Stage 1+2 you can see that the pot has been placed into a plastic bag this helps to keep the plant in its pot and also maintains the moisture of the Passiflora, in Stage 3 + 4 the bag is stapled around the top of the pot to stop the Passiflora from coming out of the pot whilst in the post the Passiflora is placed onto several sheets of newspaper and wrapped around the plant, again this is stapled up to stop the plant from escaping. In Stage 5 + 6  you can see how that the Passiflora are placed inside the box and are protected by layers of cardboard to stop them from being crushed by the layer above, this method has worked for many years now. In Stage 7 + 8 once all the Passiflora are packed to the top of the box, any space is again filled up with screwed up newspaper to stop the plants from moving in the box during posting and the box is all sealed up ready for sending in the post. The last picture shows how not to pack Passiflora plants in a box, if this box of plants was to be sent in the post they would all be damaged by the time they arrived at their destination.